From A Reader of Fiction’s review of I Shall Be Near to You by Erin Lindsay McCabe: “Allyson Ryan’s narration works perfectly, with a bit of a deeper feminine voice, and I think she captured Rosetta’s personality perfectly. Ryan really nailed the narration and brought the story to life. The audiobook was really well done, and I’m glad I chose this format for the story. I Shall Be Near to You is an excellent choice for historical fiction and/or gender bending fans.” Read full review here.

From the Audiogals Review of Midnight Games by Elle Kennedy: “Adding further allure to this hit audiobook is my new top-favorite narration by Allyson Ryan. Allyson Ryan delivers a stunning performance as narrator. Not only is her timing impeccable making listening as easy as listening to an action show on TV, but it also greatly adds to the intensity and heat of the various scenes. Ms. Ryan also manages to personalize each one of the many distinctive characters in Elle Kennedy’s colorful cast. Male, female, accents and even hoarse voices are nailed to a T by Ms. Ryan. I loved so many of the characters. From the tough as nails Noelle to the slightly sweeter, a little more insecure, Isabel on the female side to the standard sounding tough mercenary and yet compassionate edged Trevor and even cruder, but equally enticing, team member “D” (Derek), I was completely mesmerized by Ms. Ryan’s narration which helped me visualize the image that Ms. Kennedy was painting.” Read full review here.

Crash by Lisa McMann:  Reviewed by Lisa-Garden of Books : ” Allyson Ryan did an amazing job with the audio.  Her voice, along with the story, put me in a trance where I didn’t want to stop listening.  I needed to know what was going to happen next and some of the little mysteries that surrounded the characters.  Lisa McMann did an amazing job at hiding all these intricacies in the novel that you don’t even really notice until it all comes together in the end. ”

SOMETHING WITCHY THIS WAY COMES by Jolie Wilkins, Book 5: Reviewed by H.P. Mallory
“The Queen of the Underworld has her hands full in the fifth book of the Jolie Wilkins series as she learns more about her heritage and contends with the battle brewing between her people and the Lurkers. Allyson Ryan, who also narrated the other books in this series, provides an energetic and well-paced portrayal of Jolie. Ryan uses a variety of voices to convey the supporting characters, especially the magical ones—from the Scottish brogue of the King of the Fey and the crisp British accent of warlock Rand Balfour to the harsh American accent of Jolie’s long-lost sister and the sweet, breathier tone of Jolie’s advisor, Matilda. Ryan deftly follows the evolving story through its revelations and twists, providing a satisfying narration.”

The Fifty Shames of Earl Grey: Reviewed by Gypsy Book Reviews:  “First off, let me say… I LOVE THIS BOOK. Or well audio book. I’ve only read the first three chapters of the actual Fifty Shades of Grey, but I was really excited for this parody because I LOVE parodies. And Fifty Shames of Earl Grey by Andrew Shaffer is hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. I busted up laughing in the first few paragraphs.    I loved Allyson Ryan’s reading for Fifty Shames of Earl Grey. She changes her voice during the dialogue, not in an annoying way, and rather consistent. I really loved her Earl Grey voice. Loved loved loved. It’s so raspy and low and I could listen to that voice all day, which makes me seem weird, BUT LOVE IT SO MUCH. Don’t judge.”

The Fifty Shames of Earl Grey: Reviewed by Reader’s Confession:   “It’s so hard to review this audiobook! I will say that I would likely never have read the actual book of this, but the audiobook I think does it justice. The narrator is perfect!! Sometimes it’s hard to get into audiobooks because of the narrator having to change voices might sound funny or not right. Since this book is a parody that isn’t really an issue here, because it makes the book THAT MUCH BETTER and funnier!”

Unhappy Medium: Suddenly Supernatural, Book 3:Reviewed by Audiofile Magazine:Smart, sassy, and supernaturally aware—that’s Kat, the 13-year-old heroine whose first-person narrative is perfectly pegged by Allyson Ryan. Ryan captures Kat’s wit, sarcasm, and continued struggle with her newly acquired power as a medium.”

A Little Trouble with the Facts: Reviewed by Audiofile Magazine: A hybrid of a vintage detective novel and breezy chick-lit, this production is a pleasant diversion. Allyson Ryan is a confident narrator whose voice easily handles the shifts in the novel’s tone, which varies widely from mysterious to humorous.”

The Dark and Hollow Places: Reviewed by Audiofile Magazine: Allyson Ryan brings the fierce, stubborn Annah to life in this third volume in the zombie series that began with THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH. Fleeing the undead, Annah is battling brutal recruiters meant to keep order and meandering over the rooftops of a crumbling New York City populated by the flesh-eating undead. With subtle tonal changes, Ryan portrays a raft of characters, evoking the quiet strength of Annah’s new love, Catcher; the optimism of her sister, Gaby; and the brutal tones of several recruiters who pit the unconsecrated against their captives for amusement. When Annah finds herself in jail and unfolds a brilliant escape plan, Ryan keeps the clip steady and listeners ensnared.”